Brendon Hall
Portland, OR




     Brendon Hall was born in 1991 in upstate New York. He grew up exploring his rural environment and escaping into sci-fi and fantasy media. He received his BFA in Illustration in 2014 from the Ringling College of Art and Design. His style is otherworldly and steeped in symbolism. 

     The work most notably contains elements of impressionism, surrealism, and primitivism. It bends reality and breaks it down into pixels like the work of Van Gough. It renders imaginary scenes real like Max Ernst, and it includes the primitive hieroglyphic symbols present in a child’s art, or that of Paul Klee. The practice of Automatism is embraced in the drawing process to generate unpredictable imagery as well as number of other free-associative methods. 

     I attempt to create work that contains both a visual and ineffable depth. I achieve this through a process of layering different mediums that communicate an overlap of space and ideas in a richly detailed manner. It is ideal that multiple materials simultaneously describe the same object. I think of them as organisms talking over each other, struggling to describe the same material in different languages. It becomes a metaphor for the absence of an objective reality; that nothing is ever truly itself because it is always subject to the projections of the individual perceiving it. While several materials describe an object, several objects end up composing a larger form. The metaphor continues, the individual’s reality slips further into subjectivity as their motivations designate significance. Countless sub-narratives are drawn and collaged into any given piece, but always surrender to the larger meta-narrative. As we appreciate the view out our window, we loose sight of the microcosmic elements composing it, yet there they are, unseen in front of our eyes.  


- Christ Janer Gallery: Student Figure Exhibition

- Celby Gallery: Senior Illustration Show

-The Trio Club: Raw Artists Showcase
-The Remains Gallery: Dia De Los Muertos / Art That's Beneath You / Icons / The Big Deuce / Icons II
 -Volcanic Brewery: Tri-Monthly Artist Showcase
-Goodfoot Lounge: I am, Therefore I Think- 2 years
-Portland Extracts: Artist Showcase
-Gallery 135: Honor Thy Music
-Columbia Center For The Arts: Day of the Dead Show
-Ford Building: The Big 500
-Verum Ultimum Gallery: A Generous Kingdom / Mugshots